Justice and judiciary procedure are the basis of any civilized society. As criminals become smarter, so must the system adapt to ensure appropriate safeguarding of witnesses, containment of violent offenders and curation of police records that must be kept safe.


Smarter Justice is a smart solution that takes care of the judiciary process right from when the case begins until a verdict is delivered. What if we told you that a courtroom could be rigged with cameras, a police interrogation room can broadcast live interrogations, witnesses under protection program no longer need to be physically present, or that the log notes of courtroom proceedings could be preserved as a digital document?


The concept of Smarter Justice can transform these critical procedures into a much safer and easier process for the disbursement of justice.


SenzIT believes that investing in smarter solutions for judiciary procedure will change the whole process of administering justice. Using a sophisticated infrastructure allows big data to be accessed from a cloud-based platform where data and video analytics can be performed and shared faster and easier. With the return of investment measured in terms of safety of the citizens, smarter justice is indeed a smarter investment.