The justice disbursal process will never be the same. Evidencer makes it easy to record live courtroom proceedings, capture log notes, and curate evidence. It comes equipped with multi-channel recording, multi-device compatibility, and broadcast options along with security features. Evidencer is an end-to-end solution for complete case judgement and archiving needs. Cloud integration means that your case records are secure and readily available.

Evidencer suite for Law and Enforcement is an advanced investigation analysis and data recording system that captures and archives live proceedings right from crime scenes to the primary investigation interviews at police stations. It comes packed with two Evidencer products:

  • Evidencer Mob: A mobile application that provides a single tap provision to the public. It can be used to record the crime and automatically report it to the concerned officials at anytime from anywhere straight away.

  • Evidencer Pro 2 channel: Easily capture the proceedings of a police station and securely store the filed complaints. This system has two embedded independent channels for audio and video recording. The locally stored data is uploaded to the central server for later use.

  • Evidencer Suite for Judiciary is an intelligent digital data capture solution for mobile courts, and small and big court rooms to record, curate, and analyse events. These make court procedures simpler, less error-prone and digitised. Evidencer suite for judiciary consists of two products that offer advanced functionalities along with the basic Evidencer features.

  • Evidencer Evidencer Pro 4 Channel: A digital media capturing solution for small courts and legal offices. The four independent channels record audio and video of the proceedings and store them to the central server for future references. It is equipped with features such as two-way communication between remote locations, data capture with time stamps and log notes, enterprise mobility, cloud integration, and security among others.

  • Evidencer Enterprise: This product is much more advanced and sophisticated, and is designed for large enterprises. It comes with eight independent audio and video channels, has the ability to broadcast live data to remote users, and even perform intelligent analytics on recorded data and video, including Big Data, motion sensing, face recognition, and behavioural analysis.

  • We have leveraged latest technologies like Big Data, Video Analytics, Enterprise Mobility and more to create an agile, robust and effective application.


    Evi Server

    Evi Server which is the IBM MobileFirst server, provides safe and secure data management capability

    Evi Cloud

    A cloud platform that provides mobility and enable superior performance, storage and connectivity.

    Evi Analytics

    Performs advanced analytics such as face recognition, video analytics and text analytics.

    Evi Store

    DB2, Oracle or SQL storage options to store textual data.

    Evi Client

    Experience independent multichannel channel audio and video recording and a provision to play recorded and archived video files.

    Evi Portal

    A unified portal for accessing case schedules and recorded case sessions and related files.





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