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Imagine the new classroom with teacher and students actively engaged online as easily as if they were in the same room. CyberClaz enables classroom sessions to be recorded and provides a means for students to take ClazNotes, add teacher notes, and share assignments. Teachers can analyse student engagement, view analytics about student attendance, performance and more. With cloud integration, archives are always available for students to browse and review.

CyberClaz combines mobility and analytics with a cloud platform to create a product that makes education easy to deliver. With features such as digital attendance, note taking, video on demand, live broadcasting and much more, students are engaged during class and able to review or catch-up as needed.

Claz Server

Claz Server which is the IBM MobileFirst server, provides safe and secure data management capability.

Claz Portal

A unified portal for students and teachers to access schedules and educational content.

Claz Player

Provides 2 independent channels for audio and video recording and makes it easy to play recorded and archived class session files along with annotations.

Claz Store

DB2, Oracle or SQL storage options to store textual data.

Claz Analytics

Data analysis that can be used for report generation along with video analytics that helps in behavioural analytics.

Claz Cloud

Access class sessions on the go through a cloud platform that provides mobility.





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